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A colorful, configurable xxd
Trello interactive CLI on terminal
Terminal multiplexer inspired by i3
Allows programs to be run independently from its controlling terminal
Walk through all ACPI tables with their addresses
Utility to interact with a MicroPython board over a serial connection
A commandline access to addic7ed subtitles
Ensures source code files have copyright license headers by scanning directory patterns recursivel…
A command-line tool for generating and managing Architecture Decision Records
Encrypt files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
A fetch program written in C
A Unix utility for tracking down wasted disk space
Create AMD firmware combination
Android SDK platform tools
GUI for mapping keyboard and mouse controls to a gamepad
GUI for mapping keyboard and mouse controls to a gamepad
A command-line tool for downloading APK files from various sources
Add directory bookmarks, distant listing, and distant editing to the command line
Offline APT package manager
Debian repository management tool
Sharp Aquos television RS-232 control application
Useful scripts for installing Arch Linux
ArchiMate modelling toolkit
ARP scanning and fingerprinting tool
Print a list of paths as a tree of paths
Terminal session recorder and the best companion of
Create asciinema videos from a text file
Extendable version manager with support for Ruby, Node.js, Erlang & more
Solver for package problems in CUDF format using ASP
Replacement for a shell history which records additional commands context with optional encrypted …
A command line interface for audible package
A `cd' command that learns
Automatic Display Mirror
Automatically select a display configuration based on connected devices
Extracts revision metadata from your VCS repository
Command line tools for interacting with the Amazon Mechanical Turk
Artificial benchmark for identifying weaknesses in the memory subsystem
Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL
Bash unit testing enterprise edition framework for professionals
Practice flashcards in bash
Plotting in the terminal
A cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration
Bash scripts that integrate bat with various command line tools
Bash scripts that integrate bat with various command line tools
Bash scripts that integrate bat with various command line tools
Bash scripts that integrate bat with various command line tools
Bash scripts that integrate bat with various command line tools
A sed-like editor for binary files
GNU software calculator
Belledonne Communications' fork of CUnit test framework
BDF to PSF converter
BDF to SFD converter
Tool to resize BDF fonts
Swatch Internet Time implemented as a C program
Installer for BetterDiscord
A utility for managing BetterDiscord on Linux
A SuperB general-purpose fetch displayer written in portable sh
A general-purpose command-line pipe buffer
A collection of tools for translating from BibTeX to HTML
Tool for manipulating BibTeX bibliographies
Bibliography format interconversion
Font editor which can generate fonts in TTF, EOT, SVG and BIRDFONT format
Terminal based bitwise calculator in curses
A CLI tool to generate a pipeline.yaml file for Buildkite on the fly
An bl602 serial flasher written in Rust
Command line client for the blink(1) notification light
bmap-related tools
Network bandwidth monitor
Bogofilter is a mail filter that classifies mail as spam or ham (non-spam) by a statistical analys…
CLI Browser for BoltDB files
Fantastic (maybe) CLI for translating between bottom and human-readable text
Access software for a blind person using a braille display
Tools for interfacing with Broadlink RM2/3 (Pro) remote controls, A1 sensor platforms and SP2/3 sm…
An interactive tree view, a fuzzy search, a balanced BFS descent and customizable commands
Control your browser's tabs from the command line
Manage layouts in bspwm
Sampling disk usage profiler for btrfs
A simple commandline torrent creator
Tiny system info fetch utility
Text-based window manager and terminal multiplexer
Distribution-independent installer framework
Distribution-independent installer framework
Calamares modules for NixOS
A no bullshit screen capture tool
CLI tool to record audio-enabled screencasts of your terminal, for the web
Insanely fast image printing in your terminal
Management utility for CBFS formatted ROM images
coreboot console log reader
Fast, modular log colorizer
Terminal graphics for the 21st century
A tool to manage your changelog file in Markdown
change or display the stack size of an ELF binary
Manage your dotfiles across multiple machines, securely
Scripts to save Google Chrome's bookmarks and history as HTML bookmarks files
CLI client for, a community driven cheat sheet
Unicode tool with a terminal user interface
Driver and configuration tool for Corsair keyboards and mice
Interactive stack-based calculator
Answer set solver for (extended) normal and disjunctive logic programs