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idrisNix package
Functional Programming Language with Dependent Types
Primitive flat arrays containing Idris values
Base builtin Idris library
Idris Binary Integer Arithmetic, porting PArith, NArith, and ZArith from Coq
A small bifunctor library for idris
FFI-based byte buffers for Idris
Idris FFI binding for html5 canvas 2d api
Category Theory
Some Idris libraries including nodejs bindings and ISO8601 Date and Time
Comonads for Idris
Composition extras for Idris
Parsers for various configuration files written in Idris
An Idris library to interact with the browser console
Various data structures for use in the Idris Language
Contrib builtin Idris library
An implementation of the Lambda Cube in Idris
Type class deriving with elaboration reflection
Descriptions, levitation, and reflecting the elaborator
Dict k v in Idris
Idris library to interact with the DOM
Effects builtin Idris library
Electron bindings for Idris
Infix pipe operators and some Nat, Float, String conversions
Some useful functions for Idris
Arrowized FRP library for Idris with static safety guarantees
Free Monads and useful constructions to work with them
Comonads for Idris
GLFW bindings for Idris
Parser and library for graphviz dot files
Idris Hash Array Mapped Trie
A theorem prover for intuitionistic propositional logic in Idris, with metaprogramming features
Idris library for high resolution time
Idris library to interact with HTML
An HTTP library for idris
An experimental HTTP framework for Idris
Recursion scheme library for Idris
Semantic highlighter for Idris code
FFI Bindings to interact with the unsafe world of JavaScript
Parser for Idris iPkg files written in Idris using Lightyear
Js library for Idris
Js libraries for idris
Van Laarhoven lenses for Idris
Parser combinators for Idris
Propositional logic tools, inspired by the Coq standard library
Idris mapping library
A binding of the GNU libmicrohttpd library to the Idris C backend
Proof that Idris is pacman complete
Immutable map from integer keys to values based on patricia tree
Type-safe way of working with permutations in Idris
Purely functional data structures in Idris
Composable and effectful production, transformation and consumption of streams of data
System POSIX bindings for Idris
Prelude builtin Idris library
Pruviloj builtin Idris library
Type-safe physical computations and unit conversions in Idris
An idris rational number type built from paths in the Stern Brocot tree
Recursion schemes for Idris
Port of Scala/Haskell Refined library to Idris
SDL-idris framework for Idris
SDL2 binding for Idris
Semidirect products in Idris
Idris proofs for extensional equalities
Well-typed symmetric-monoidal category of concurrent processes
Collection of Idris snippets
Code for Software Foundations in Idris
A testing library for Idris
A simple TAP producer and consumer/reporter for Idris
Testing Utilities for Idris programs
Port of Haskell tf-random
Idris parser and serializer/deserealizer for TL language
TOML parser for Idris
Strongly Typed Paths for Idris
TParsec - Total Parser Combinators in Idris
Composable algorithmic transformation
Trees in Idris
UnionType in Idris
Virtual DOM in pure Idris
Abstract vector spaces in Idris
Idris library to interact with WebGL
Wadler-Leijen pretty-printing library
Little web server written in Idris
Idris library to interact with xhr
Idris YAML lib
Idris implementation of Yampa FRP library as described in Reactive Programming through Dependent T…