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Lint your commit messages
_at_vue_slash_clinodePackagesNix package
Command line interface for rapid Vue.js development
_at_vue_slash_clinodePackages_latestNix package
Command line interface for rapid Vue.js development
Toolbox for WebAssembly
WebAssembly REPL
Strips custom sections
Emit documentation/code for your WASM binary Edit
Compare genome assemblies
Abstract Application Interface
Convert distfix precedence grammars to unambiguous context-free grammars
Parser for a language similar to Cucumber's Gherkin
Generate instances of the ABC Logic Puzzle
Bindings for ABC, A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification
Haskell representation and parser for ABC notation
Interconversion between aeson and bson
Simple boolean tests to see if a value abides by certain properties
An alternating list of two types
Parse ABNF and generate parsers for the specified document
Monads-tf instances for the AbortT monad transformer
Mtl instances for the AbortT monad transformer
A monad and monadic transformer providing "abort" functionality
Abstract, parameterized interface to mutable Deques
A test-suite for any queue or double-ended queue satisfying an interface
Type classes generalizing the functionality of the 'monad-par' library
Provides the class ParAccelerate, nothing more
Abstract binding trees for Haskell
Angles in degrees and radians
Handle Boolean values generatically
Detect which OS you're running on
Efficient RGB colour types
GTK+ pixel plotting
Efficient half-integer type
Aho-Corasick string matching algorithm in Haskell
Drive Aho-Corasick machines in Conduit pipelines
A simple test framework
Trivial package for writing PPM images
A pure Haskell PRNG
Trivial wrapper over ansi-terminal
Immutable arrays with plain integer indicies
Efficient geometric vectors and transformations
Fancy type-system stuff for AC-Vector
Sequence optimized for monoidal construction and folding
An embedded language for accelerated array processing
Linear algebra and interpolation using the Accelerate framework
Fixed-length large integer arithmetic for Accelerate
Numeric Linear Algebra in Accelerate
Basic Linear Algebra using native CUBLAS library
Accelerate backend for NVIDIA GPUs
Accelerate frontend to the CUFFT library (Fourier transform)
Examples using the Accelerate library
FFT using the Accelerate library
Accelerate frontend to the FFTW library (Fourier transform)
Fast Fourier transform and convolution using the Accelerate framework
Compare different implementations of the Fast Fourier Transform
Convert between Accelerate arrays and raw pointers
Convert between Accelerate and array
Convert between Accelerate arrays and BMP images
Convert between Accelerate and ByteString
Binary serialisation of Accelerate arrays using cereal
Convert between Accelerate arrays and JuicyPixels images
Convert between Accelerate and Repa arrays
Binary serialisation of Accelerate arrays using serialise
Convert between Accelerate and vector
Kullback-Liebler divergence
Accelerate backend component generating LLVM IR
Accelerate backend for multicore CPUs
Accelerate backend for NVIDIA GPUs
Generate Accelerate arrays filled with high quality pseudorandom numbers
A typesafe way encode accelerate matrices and vectors
Utility functions for the Accelerate framework