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Models how controllers connect to and map to each other for all gaming history
Media center
Multi-Source Subtitles Addon
A set of common python functions to work with the Kodi archive virtual file system (vfs) binary ad…
Better dates & times for Python
Watch videos available on Arte+7
Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle
Universal encoding detector
Extensions to the standard Python datetime module
Defusing XML bombs and other exploits
The missing compatibility layer between Python 2 and Python 3
Launch Games from the Internet using Kodi
Internationalized Domain Names for Python
Wrapper for new Nexus InfoTagVideo ListItem methods to maintain backwards compatibility
Kodi inputstream addon for several manifest types
InputStream Client for streams that can be opened by either FFmpeg's libavformat or Kodi's cURL
Client for RTMP streams
A simple Kodi module that makes life easier for add-on developers relying on InputStream based add…
A privacy-friendly way of watching YouTube content
A whole new way to manage and view your media library
A GUI for configuring mappings for remotes, keyboard and other inputs supported by Kodi
Genesis Plus GX GameClient for Kodi
Snes9X GameClient for Kodi
Wrappers around Kodi Python API for seamless Python 2/3 compatibility
Libretro wrapper for Kodi's Game API
2048 GameClient for Kodi
Sinclair - ZX Spectrum (Fuse) GameClient for Kodi
Nintendo - NES / Famicom (Nestopia UE) GameClient for Kodi
MySQL Connector/Python
Netflix VOD Services Add-on
An addon that gives you access to the ORF TVthek Video Platform
The default skin for OSMC
A comic book reader
Binary addon for raw joystick input
Binary addon for steam controller
Kodi's HDHomeRun PVR client addon
Kodi's Tvheadend HTSP client addon
Kodi's IPTV Simple client addon
Radio Paradise addon for Kodi
Python HTTP for Humans
Persistent cache for requests library
A routing module for kodi plugins
Plays various stream sites on Kodi using youtube-dl
Provides signal/slot mechanism for inter-addon communication
Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python
Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
SomaFM addon for Kodi
Launch Steam in Big Picture Mode from Kodi
View your entire Steam library right from Kodi
Watch content from SVT Play movie and TV show scrobbler for Kodi
Python library packed for Kodi
Python typing extensions
HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more
LibArchive Virtual Filesystem add-on for Kodi
RAR archive Virtual Filesystem add-on for Kodi
SFTP Virtual Filesystem add-on for Kodi
FishBMC visualization for kodi
Goom visualization for kodi
Matrix visualization for kodi
PictureIt visualization for kodi
Projectm visualization for kodi
Shadertoy visualization for kodi
Spectrum visualization for kodi
Starburst visualization for kodi
Waveform visualization for kodi
A WebSocket client for Python
Framework to ease development of Kodi addons
YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing websites of the world