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Bare libuv bindings for lua
Powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language
Javascript (ECMA19) regular expressions for lua
A Language Server implementation for lua, the language
A UTF-8 support module for Lua
A fast Neovim http client written in Lua
A reusable REPL component for Lua, written in Lua
Coverage analysis tool for Lua scripts
Teal, a typed dialect of Lua
Lua HTTP client cosocket driver for OpenResty / ngx_lua
A lua library/'class' that implements a FIFO
Lua implementation of Project Fluent
JWT for ngx_lua and LuaJIT
Platform independent system calls for Lua
Lua client to Nvim
Lua interface to Unicode CLDR data
A build system for the Teal language
HTTP library for Lua
Extended PEG Notation Format (easy grammars for LPeg)
Lua serializer and pretty printer
Markdown text-to-html markup system
Binary heap implementation in pure Lua
MessagePack C implementation and bindings for Lua 5.1/5.2/5.3
Protobuf data support for Lua
Libevent binding for Lua
A collection of LPEG patterns
A pure Lua implementation of the MessagePack serialization format
Compatibility module providing Lua-5.3-style APIs for Lua 5.2 and 5.1
Terminal functions for Lua
Database abstraction layer
Database abstraction layer
Database abstraction layer
Database abstraction layer
Json module based on the very fast RapidJSON
Process application arguments the same way as getopt_long
Lua bindings to GObject libraries
A binding for the linenoise command line library
Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua
Lua Bit Operations Module
A binding to libunbound
Lua binding to libmpack
Cyrus SASL library for Lua 5.1+
Loadkit allows you to load arbitrary files within the Lua package path
A static analyzer and a linter for Lua
Event handling through channels
Coroutine safe xpcall and pcall
A simple facility for lua to control other programs via PTYs
Simple streaming interface to zlib for Lua
A binding for OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication over LuaSocket
Library for reading files inside zip files
A lisp that compiles to Lua
A Lua interface to the OpenLDAP library
XML Expat parsing
Bare libuv bindings for lua
Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua with Labeled Failures
A library for NGINX implementing the OpenID Connect Relying Party (RP) and the OAuth 2.0 Resource …
File System Library for the Lua Programming Language
A simple API to use logging features
Lua assertions extension
Safe templates for Lua
Toml decoder/encoder for Lua
Integrate the yajl JSON library with Lua
Elegant Lua unit testing
A fast JSON encoding/parsing module
Lua library to manipulate binary data
Busted wrapper for testing neovim plugin
The cassowary constraint solver
David Kolf's JSON module for Lua
Database connectivity for Lua (SQLite3 driver)
Regular expression library binding (GNU flavour)
Regular expression library binding (PCRE flavour)
Regular expression library binding (POSIX flavour)
A library for UUID generation
C99 extensions for the math library
Lua API for the GNU MPFR library
Continuation Queues: Embeddable asynchronous networking, threading, and notification framework for…
Most comprehensive OpenSSL module in the Lua universe
A command-line argument parser
Lua table visualizer, ideal for debugging
Network support for the Lua language
Interface to the readline library
A unit testing framework for Lua
Lua bindings for POSIX
General Lua Libraries
Lua 5.2 bit manipulation library
New FFI-based API for lua-nginx-module
Lua-land LRU Cache based on LuaJIT FFI
lua5.3-luxioNix package
Lightweight UNIX I/O and POSIX binding for Lua
LibYAML binding for Lua
Lua binding to the iconv
A code analyzer for TeX
A programmer friendly language that compiles to Lua
Lua utility libraries loosely based on the Python standard libraries
A language server for the Teal language
Debug Hints Library
Normalized Lua Functions
A package manager for Lua