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A collection of flake templates

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Official Nix templates

Templates are there to help you start your Nix project.

$ nix flake init --template templates#full


$ nix flake new --template templates#full ./my-new-project

Each template ships with a tutorial ( which explains in details how to use it and extend it.

How to contribute

Main purpose of this repository is to collect most common templates to help newcomers learn Nix. For this purpose the collection of templates is limited to provided an opinionated and curated list.

Other templates for more advanced topics can be found in nix-community/templates.

TODO: templates should be also discoverable on

Opening issues

What is required to submit a template?

Each template needs:

  • name

    Folder with the same name should be created and this is a location of the template. An entry with name is requred in flake.nix.

  • description

    A description that explains the content of the template in one sentence. An entry with description is requred in flake.nix.

  • maintainers

    Each template needs one of more maintainers with the knowledge of specific area. Each template has an entry in .github/CODEOWNERS with maintainers next to them.

  • tutorial

    Tutorial showing the usage of the template should be placed in


Note: contributing implies licensing those contributions under the terms of COPYING, which is the MIT license.