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Creates a bootable disk image from a Rust OS kernel
Cargo plugin to generate list of all licenses for a crate
A Cargo subcommand to build and test all feature flag combinations
Display the assembly or LLVM-IR generated for Rust source code
Audit Cargo.lock files for crates with security vulnerabilities
Cargo subcommands to invoke the LLVM tools shipped with the Rust toolchain
Bisects rustc, either nightlies or CI artifacts
Cargo extension that can generate BitBake recipes utilizing the classes from meta-rust
A tool and Cargo subcommand that helps you find out what takes most of the space in your executabl…
Fuzzing and property testing front-end framework for Rust
A cargo subcommand to build and install C-ABI compatibile dynamic and static libraries
Manage cargo cache (${CARGO_HOME}, ~/.cargo/), print sizes of dirs and remove dirs selectively
A cryptographically verifiable code review system for the cargo (Rust) package manager
Cargo extension for running benchmarks
Zero setup cross compilation and cross testing
Cargo subcommand to check rust documentation for broken links
Generate Debian packages from information in Cargo.toml
Cargo plugin to generate list of all licenses for a crate
Create dependency graphs for cargo projects using cargo metadata and graphviz
A tool to analyze the third-party dependencies imported by a rust crate or rust workspace
Cargo subcommand for building dependency graphs of Rust projects
Help computing optimal include directives for your Cargo.toml manifest
A utility for managing cargo dependencies from the command line
A cargo extension for working with microcontrollers
Serial flasher utility for Espressif SoCs and modules based on
A utility and Cargo subcommand designed to let people expand macros in their Rust source code
Cargo plugin to manage dependency features
Easy flamegraphs for Rust projects and everything else, without Perl or pipes <3
A cargo extension for working with microcontrollers
Discover funding links for your project's dependencies
Command line helpers for fuzzing
Detects usage of unsafe Rust in a Rust crate and its dependencies
cargo, make me a project
A cargo subcommand for creating GraphViz DOT files and dependency graphs
Manage workspace-hack packages to speed up builds in large workspaces
See what Rust is doing behind the curtains
A Cargo subcommand for snapshot testing
Cargo subcommand to run kcov to get coverage report on Linux
Cargo subcommand to see license of dependencies
Cargo subcommand "limit": reduces the noise of compiler messages
Count the number of lines of LLVM IR across all instantiations of a generic function
A Rust task runner and build tool
A cargo plugin for showing a tree-like overview of a crate's modules
Cargo subcommand "msrv": assists with finding your minimum supported Rust version (MSRV)
Next-generation test runner for Rust projects
A cargo subcommand for displaying when Rust dependencies are out of date
Cargo subcommand for ‘pgx’ to make Postgres extension development easy
Run your rust code without setting up cargo
Cargo subcommand for profiling Rust binaries
List and diff the public API of Rust library crates between releases and commits
Generate Bazel BUILD files from Cargo dependencies
Generate from docstrings
Cargo subcommand "release": everything about releasing a rust crate
Cargo subcommand "rr": a light wrapper around rr, the time-travelling debugger
A tool to scan your Rust crate for semver violations
A tool to check that your Cargo.toml dependencies are sorted alphabetically
Checks rust documentation for spelling and grammar mistakes
Gather author, contributor and publisher data on crates in your dependency graph
A Cargo subcommand for cleaning up unused build files generated by Cargo
A cargo plugin that generates a Markdown section in your README based on your Rust documentation
Graph the number of crates that depend on your crate over time
A CLI tool that allow you to create a temporary new Rust project using cargo with already installe…
Find unused dependencies in Cargo.toml
A cargo subcommand for checking and applying updates to installed executables
Cargo subcommand "valgrind": runs valgrind and collects its output in a helpful manner
A lightweight Cargo subcommand to build code for the wasm32-wasi target
A Cargo subcommand for watching over Cargo project's source
A Cargo subcommand for the client-side Web
A simple cargo plugin to get a list of features for a specific crate
Cargo subcommand "wipe": recursively finds and optionally wipes all "target" or "node_modules" fol…
A tool for managing cargo workspaces and their crates, inspired by lerna
Automatically cross-compiles the sysroot crates core, compiler_builtins, and alloc
A tool to compile Cargo projects with zig as the linker
A Nix build file generator for Rust crates
An extremely tiny tool to serve a static folder locally
Simple, extendable and embeddable scripting language
Build and publish Rust crates Python packages
Build and publish Rust crates Python packages
like cargo, but backwards
Mirror rustup and repositories for offline Rust and cargo usage
CLI tool for on-chip debugging and flashing of ARM chips
Run embedded programs just like native ones
A utility intended to provide Rust code completion for editors and IDEs
Temporary edit external crates that your project depends on
A Rust API search engine which allows you to search functions by names and type signatures
A modular compiler frontend for the Rust language
A modular compiler frontend for the Rust language
Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C (and some C++) libraries
Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C (and some C++) libraries
A project for generating C bindings from Rust code
Run Rust files and expressions as scripts without any setup or compilation step
The Rust toolchain installer
Install a rustc master toolchain usable from rustup
A command-line viewer for documentation generated by rustdoc
SQLx's associated command-line utility for managing databases, migrations, and enabling offline mo…
Generate Rust register maps (structs) from SVD files
Build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend
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