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Remote mirrors

Remote mirroring allows you to synchronize a flake on MyNixOS with an external repository.

Remote mirror to GitHub

  1. Create repository on GitHub with the same name as the flake you wish to synchronize.
  2. Create a personal access token on GitHub with required repository access rights.
  3. Create a flake on MyNixOS.
  4. From the flake "Settings" menu, select "Add" in the "Remote mirrors" section, keep username and password empty, then enter the URL:
  1. Add some changes to your flake, then create a flake release.

After creating the flake release, the flake git repository should now automatically be mirrored to GitHub. Note that the GitHub synchronization is one-way, and will not retrieve changes from the GitHub repository.

MyNixOS uses a self-hosted Gitea instance to synchronize Git repositories.

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