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At attribute set of Vim settings. The attribute names and corresponding values must be among the following supported options.

background : one of "dark", "light"

backupdir : list of string

copyindent : boolean

directory : list of string

expandtab : boolean

hidden : boolean

history : signed integer

ignorecase : boolean

modeline : boolean

mouse : one of "n", "v", "i", "c", "h", "a", "r"

mousefocus : boolean

mousehide : boolean

mousemodel : one of "extend", "popup", "popup_setpos"

number : boolean

relativenumber : boolean

shiftwidth : signed integer

smartcase : boolean

tabstop : signed integer

undodir : list of string

undofile : boolean

See the Vim documentation for detailed descriptions of these options. Use to manually set any options not listed above.

{ }
  expandtab = true;
  history = 1000;
  background = "dark";