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A set of named specialized configurations. These can be used to extend your base configuration with additional settings. For example, you can have specialisations named "light" and "dark" that apply light and dark color theme configurations.

This is an experimental option for now and you therefore have to activate the specialisation by looking up and running the activation script yourself. Running the activation script will create a new Home Manager generation.

For example, to activate the "dark" specialisation, you can first look up your current Home Manager generation by running

$ home-manager generations | head -1
2022-05-02 22:49 : id 1758 -> /nix/store/jy…ac-home-manager-generation

then run

$ /nix/store/jy…ac-home-manager-generation/specialisation/dark/activate
Starting Home Manager activation
Since this option is experimental, the activation process may change in backwards incompatible ways.
attribute set of (submodule)
{ }