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autosuggestionsNixOS option-set
completionsNixOS option-set
editorNixOS option-set
gitNixOS option-set
gnuUtilityNixOS option-set
historySubstringNixOS option-set
macOSNixOS option-set
promptNixOS option-set
pythonNixOS option-set
rubyNixOS option-set
screenNixOS option-set
sshNixOS option-set
syntaxHighlightingNixOS option-set
terminalNixOS option-set
tmuxNixOS option-set
utilityNixOS option-set
Set case-sensitivity for completion, history lookup, etc
Color output (automatically set to false on dumb terminals)
Whether to enable prezto
Additional configuration to add to .zpreztorc
Set the Zsh functions to load (zshcontrib(1))
Set the Zsh modules to load (zshmodules(1))
Add additional directories to load prezto modules from
Set the Prezto modules to load (browse modules)