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A tool for checking backward API/ABI compatibility of a C/C++ library
Dump ABI of an ELF object containing DWARF debug info
Pure shell autoconf replacement
Run your GitHub Actions locally
Command line interface to Phabricator
Bash argument parsing code generator
AssemblyScript Language Server
Source code indenter, formatter, and beautifier for C, C++, C# and Java
Continuous integration tool
Part of the GNU Build System
Part of the GNU Build System
Part of the GNU Build System
Part of the GNU Build System
Archive of autoconf m4 macros
Automated text and program generation tool
GNU standard-compliant makefile generator
GNU standard-compliant makefile generator
GNU standard-compliant makefile generator
Toolkit to automatically generate software components: abstract API, implementation stubs and lang…
Merge YAML/JSON files in a in a convenient fashion
A Widget Factory
Command-line tool and library to read and convert LTTng tracefiles
Bash script debugger
Tools for manipulating binaries (linker, assembler, etc.)
Tools for manipulating binaries (linker, assembler, etc.)
Blackfire Profiler agent and client
A mobility scenario generation and analysis tool
A cross-platform build system
An LLVM based tool for extracting definitions from C, C++, and Objective C header files for use wi…
Tcl/Tk GUI front-end to cscope
Compiler cache for fast recompilation of C/C++ code
A c/c++ language server powered by clang
Tool to analyze the control flow of C programs
A curses interface to gdb
Check shell scripts for non-portable syntax
Command line tool to adjust the RPATH or RUNPATH of ELF binaries
Changes the current Ruby
Thin wrapper around chruby to make it work with the Fish shell
Command to enable you to reproduce the CircleCI environment locally and run jobs as if they were r…
Common Lisp launcher script
Command line parser for C++11
Language Server Protocol (LSP) for Clojure
CMake LSP Implementation
Program to apply semantic patches to C code
C code complexity measurement tool
coreboot toolchain for aarch64 targets
coreboot toolchain for arm targets
coreboot toolchain for i386 targets
coreboot toolchain for nds32le targets
coreboot toolchain for ppc64 targets
coreboot toolchain for riscv targets
coreboot toolchain for x64 targets
A C preprocessor directive indenter
Tool to generate C function prototypes from C source code
A C program reducer
A developer's tool for browsing source code
A random generator of C programs
A tool for fast source code browsing (exuberant ctags)
Super-parallel Python port of C-Reduce
Literate Programming in C/C++
D-Feet is an easy to use D-Bus debugger
D-Bus exploration tool
Filesystem benchmark tool based on load patterns
Graphical front-end for command-line debuggers
Provides programs and scripts for creating debuginfo and source file distributions, collect build-…
Provides programs and scripts for creating debuginfo and source file distributions, collect build-…
Framework for testing other programs
DevSpace is an open-source developer tool for Kubernetes that lets you develop and deploy cloud-na…
A Device Firmware Update based USB programmer for Atmel chips with a USB bootloader
Device firmware update (DFU) USB programmer
Directory event monitoring daemon
A fast, free distributed C/C++ compiler
Lift documents in nroff markups to XML-DocBook
docopt CLI tool for shell scripting
Command-line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal
A background process that saves uncommited changes on git
DWARF optimization and duplicate removal tool
Cross platform AArch32/x86/x86-64 debugger
A tool to verify that your files are in harmony with your .editorconfig
EditorConfig core library written in C
D-Bus bindings for GObject
Small utility for showing information about ELF files
A collection of programs that access and manipulate ELF files
A set of utilities to handle ELF objects
The ESP Package Manager generates distribution archives for a variety of platforms
Recursively find newest file in a hierarchy and print its timestamp
filesystem access tracer
A cross-platform file change monitor with multiple backends
The GNU Project debugger
A browser-based frontend for GDB
Graphical frontend (GUI) to GDB
A modern experience for GDB with advanced debugging features for exploit developers & reverse …
Command-line option parser generator
A GDB Frontend
Source code tag system
GNU M4, a macro processor
Reliable project licenses detector