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A stub code generator and COM binding for Objective Caml
A software system for writing extensible parsers for programming languages
A library for handling ZIP and GZIP files in OCaml
An OCaml module for the declarative definition of command line interfaces
An OCaml module for the declarative definition of command line interfaces
OCaml Framework for programming Web sites and client/server Web applications
A collection of librares, each library providing a DOM implementation
Interactive theorem prover based on Higher-Order Logic
An OCaml interface to GTK
Bindings for libmagic
An Objective Caml library managing dates and times
An OCaml library used to manage the configuration file(s) of an application
OCaml Bindings to curses/ncurses
Minimalistic lazy logger in OCaml
Syntax extension for inserting the current location
ISO 8601 and RFC 3999 date parsing for OCaml
OCaml bindings for libvirt
OCaml bindings distributed with LLVM
Bindings for interacting with MySQL databases from ocaml
Configure, build and install system for OCaml projects
OpenType font decoder for OCaml
Syntax extension to transform x |!
Applicative events and signals for OCaml
An OCaml module to decode the data of the Unicode character database from its XML representation
A small library describing abstract algebra concepts
A library that makes it nicer to work with nested functional data structures
Accessors for Async types, for use with the Accessor library
Accessors for Base types, for use with the Accessor library
Accessors for Core types, for use with the Accessor library
persistent-mode afl-fuzz for ocaml
A lightweight and colourful test framework
OCaml interface for libasound2
OCaml parser combinators built for speed and memory efficiency
A module allowing to use the colors and cursor movements on ANSI terminals
Numerical abstract domain library
Address Resolution Protocol purely in OCaml
Combinators for expressing ASN.1 grammars in OCaml
Alternative String module for OCaml
Utilities for building simple command-line based user interfaces
A small library that provide Async support for JavaScript platforms
Platform-independent core of Async RPC library
Library to serve and dispatch Async RPCs over websockets
Thin wrapper around [Linux_ext.sendfile] to send full files
A library that implements the websocket protocol on top of Async
Syntax for cross-language type definitions
Generates efficient JSON serializers, deserializers and validators
Runtime for atdgen generated bucklescript converters
Runtime library for code generated by atdgen
SSH implementation in OCaml
Platform for binary analysis
Full standard library replacement for OCaml
Base64 encoding and decoding in OCaml
String type based on [Bigarray], for use in I/O and C-bindings
Randomized testing framework, designed for compatibility with Base
Benchmark running times of code
OCaml binary heap implementation by Jean-Christophe Filliatre
Compatibility library to use Stdlib
A minimal library to know that 2 bigarray share physically the same memory or not
Core-flavoured wrapper around zarith's arbitrary-precision rationals
Bigstring built on top of bigarrays, and convenient functions
Bigstring intrinsics and fast blits based on memcpy/memmove
Efficient binder representation in Ocaml
Binary data format designed for speed, safety, ease of use and backward compatibility as protocols…
Bioinformatics library for Ocaml
Bisect_ppx is a code coverage tool for OCaml and Reason
Build and execute typed scientific workflows
This library adds Erlang-style bitstrings and matching over bitstrings as a syntax extension and l…
A bit vector library for OCaml
Blocking API for the jack audio connection kit
UNIX version of BLS12-381 primitives, not implementating the virtual package bls12-381
UNIX version of BLS12-381 primitives implementing the virtual package bls12-381
OCaml binding for bls12-381 from librustzcash
Functors to generate BLS12-381 primitives based on stubs
A library for building dynamic webapps, using Js_of_ocaml
Basic OS interaction for OCaml
React.js-like reconciler implemented in OCaml/Reason