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Certain flake output types may be built and downloaded directly from MyNixOS.

Currently, NixOS generate outputs are supported.

Confirmed working NixOS generate output types include: docker, linode, sd-aarch64, virtualbox.

How to build flake outputs

After creating a flake output and configuring it, it may be built as follows:

  • Navigate to the flake versions screen (Click the flake selector, then select "Versions").
  • Click "Release" to create a version of the flake (Learn about releases)
    When the release is ready, a new version entry appears in the listing on the flake versions page.
  • Click "Build", then select the output you wish to build.
    When the build is completed, a link to download the build artifact will appear with the released flake version.
  • Click the artifact link to download the build artifact.

Learn about installing flakes.