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The successor of clalsadrv, provides easy access to ALSA PCM devices
Autotuner Jack application to correct the pitch of vocal tracks
Convolution library by Fons Adriaensen
Command line Jack clients to transmit full quality multichannel audio over a local IP network
Resample library by Fons Adriaensen
A zettelkasten plain text note-taking assistant
A powerful & scriptable shell for Apache ZooKeeper
Java serialization protocol analysis tool
A small tool to display Znodes in Zookeeper in tree structure
A faster version of Apple's linker
zlibzlibNix package
Zlib wrapper in nim
Lossless data-compression library
Zlib data compression library for the next generation systems
X.509 Certificate Linter focused on Web PKI standards and requirements
Reliable, high-performance, thread safe, flexible, clear-model, pure C logging library
Zig LSP implementation + Zig Language Server
Fast single packet network scanner designed for Internet-wide network surveys
zmqNix package
ZeroMQ wrapper
C++ wrapper for czmq
GZDoom's music system as a standalone library
Polynomial arithmetic over Z/nZ
High performance open source ZFS backup with mbuffer and ssh support
Advanced IRC bouncer
zod-engineNix package
Multiplayer remake of ZED
Fast trigram based code search
A fast static site generator with everything built-in
GPS track manager for Qt using KDE Marble maps
Video surveillance software system
zookeeperNix package
Apache Zookeeper
Apache Zookeeper
zoomzoomNix package
Player for Z-Code, TADS and HUGO stories or games video conferencing application
Very good, but slow, deflate or zlib compression
zopflipngNix package
Zopflipng-like png optimization
Collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources
zoxideNix package
A fast cd command that learns your habits
Incremental journaling backup utility and archiver
ZPAQ archive (de)compressor and algorithm development tool
zplugNix package
A next-generation plugin manager for zsh
A tool that aims to expand all partitions in a specified zpool to fill the available space
"zpool iostats" for humans; find the slow parts of your ZFS pool
Clojure/EDN source code formatter and pretty printer
zpsNix package
A small utility for listing and reaping zombie processes on GNU/Linux
Systemd unit generator for zram devices
A one-stop, integrated solution for ZFS replication
Highly automated and intuitive digital audio workstation
APC SPDU control utility
Wait for a host to come up/go down
Udev rules for ZSA devices
A text scroller for use with panels and shells
zshNix package
The Z shell
Real-time type-ahead completion for Zsh
Automatically sources whitelisted .autoenv.zsh files
A plugin that auto-closes, deletes and skips over matching delimiters in zsh intelligently
Fish shell autosuggestions for Zsh
zsh-bdNix package
Jump back to a specific directory, without doing cd ../../
Better completion for npm
Ohmyzsh plugin that integrates kill-ring with system clipboard
Plugin that output time: xx after long commands
Additional completion definitions for zsh
A set of powerful extensions to the Zsh command line editor
Syntax-highlighting for Zshell
A utility tool powered by fzf for using git interactively
Replace zsh's default completion selection menu with fzf!
Informative git prompt for zsh
A CLI to provide enhanced history for your ZSH shell
Multi-word, syntax highlighted history searching for Zsh
Fish shell history-substring-search for Zsh
Curses-based tools for ZSH
Zsh plugin that lets you use zsh in nix-shell shell
The configuration framework for Zsh
Fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh
A plugin that adds key bindings support for ZLE (Zsh Line Editor) clipboard operations for vi emul…
A better and friendly vi(vim) mode plugin for ZSH
ZSH plugin that reminds you to use existing aliases for commands you just typed
Jump quickly to directories that you have visited frequently in the past, or recently
A Super Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator
A maintained fork of zsnes
SSH and Telnet client with ZMODEM file transfer capability
zstdzstdNix package
Nim bindings for zstd
zstdzstdNix package
Zstandard real-time compression algorithm
Detect stegano-hidden data in PNG & BMP
Utilities to deal with text based name service databases
World's fastest (simd) CSV parser, with an extensible CLI
File distribution system using the rsync algorithm
A program that throttles a pipeline, only letting a line through at most every $1 seconds
Themes for GTK, gnome-shell and Xfce
Desktop client for Zulip Chat
Zulip's official terminal client
Certified builds of OpenJDK
Certified builds of OpenJDK
A Tiny Racket for Scripting
zxcvbnNix package
Nim bindings for the zxcvbn-c password strenght estimator
A C/C++ implementation of the zxcvbn password strength estimation
zxcvbnimNix package
A zxcvbn clone for Nim
A popular script for managing ZFS snapshot replication
1D and 2D code reading library
C++ port of zxing (a Java barcode image processing library)
Fast and lightweight x86/x86-64 disassembler library