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AdoptOpenJDK, prebuilt OpenJDK binary
AdoptOpenJDK, prebuilt OpenJDK binary
AdoptOpenJDK, prebuilt OpenJDK binary
AdoptOpenJDK, prebuilt OpenJDK binary
AdoptOpenJDK, prebuilt OpenJDK binary
AdoptOpenJDK, prebuilt OpenJDK binary
AdoptOpenJDK, prebuilt OpenJDK binary
AdoptOpenJDK, prebuilt OpenJDK binary
AdoptOpenJDK, prebuilt OpenJDK binary
Enumeration tool for Windows Active Directories
A command-line tool for generating and managing Architecture Decision Records
A GUI tool used to configure open source graphics drivers
Beckhoff protocol to communicate with TwinCAT devices
Active Directory administration utility for Unix
A set of tools to optimize deflate-compressed files
The theme from libadwaita ported to GTK-3
A style to bend Qt applications to look like they belong into GNOME Shell
A cryptographic filesystem implemented in userspace using FUSE
An advanced subtitle editor
Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Coptic, Meroitic
Synthetized (not sampled) pipe organ emulator
Private, secure, untraceable currency
An email client for your terminal
Flash-optimized, in-memory, NoSQL database
Encrypt files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Correct bit errors in an AES key schedules
Locates 128-bit and 256-bit AES keys in a captured memory image
AES encrypting or decrypting pipe
Peer-to-peer ephemeral public communities
An algorithmic reverb LV2 based on Cloudseed
Ascii-art Editor Without A Name
A fetch program written in C
An initial tagging script for notmuch mail
Advanced forensic format library
Fault tolerant cpio archiver targeting backups
Powerful fuzzer via genetic algorithms and instrumentation
A heavily enhanced version of AFL, incorporating many features and improvements from the community
A client implementation of the Apple Filing Protocol
Utility that allows end-users to leverage HFS+/APFS compression
An audio encoder which generates compressed audio streams based on ATSC A/52 specification
This is a small utility, typically used in conjunction with Ignition, which reads metadata from a …
A NEXTStep-inspired window manager
Automounter in userspace
Very simple server for the Gemini hypertext protocol
Very simple server for the Gemini hypertext protocol
truetype monospaced typeface designed for X environments
Package manager for Agda
Modern encryption tool with small explicit keys
YubiKey plugin for age clients
Age based repository file encryption gitops tool
A Unix utility for tracking down wasted disk space
A simple, fast, no-nonsense to-do (task) list designed for elementary OS
High quality rendering engine for C++
Android GPU Inspector
A fast, asynchronous Zsh prompt
A safe, high-level, optimized OpenGL wrapper
Time ago in words in Nim
Approximate grep for fast fuzzy string searching
Autoconfiguration protocol for IPv6 and dual-stack IPv6/IPv4 networks
A GTK2 image viewer, manga reader, and booru browser
A file and directory integrity checker
And-Inverter Graph (AIG) utilities
A helvetica font in nine weights
Library to listen for BLE advertized packets
DNS brute force utility
Live reload for Go apps
Wireless encryption cracking tools
A web-interface for hipache-proxy
Multi-use TUI to audit wireless networks
Provides automatic updates for the voxel RPG Veloren
Personal media streamer
Host tools and driver library for the AirSpy SDR
User mode driver for Airspy HF+
A 2d dogfighting game
WINE-based VST bridge for Linux VST hosts
Airwindows plugins (ported to LV2)
6DoF Head tracking software
Header-only C++ logging library
Tool for storing/restoring JACK and/or ALSA connections to/from cml files
Wrapper for js ajax
World of Warcraft addon manager written in Rust
The Nim asynchronous web framework
Native Linux Design application built in Vala and GTK
Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform
Language package manager for Scheme
KDE feed reader
A cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
The Alan interactive fiction language
The Alan interactive fiction language (legacy version)
Game Engine
Automatic Language-Agnostic Subtitle Synchronization
A desktop Suite for Xfce
A fast and flexible keyboard launcher
Drawing application
A music programming language for musicians
Morse code training program