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A powerful music player with an intuitive interface
In-Depth DNS Enumeration and Network Mapping
amazon-ec2-utilsamazon-ec2-utilsNix package
Contains a set of utilities and settings for Linux deployments in EC2
amazon-ec2-utilsec2-utilsNix package
Contains a set of utilities and settings for Linux deployments in EC2
The Amazon ECR Docker Credential Helper is a credential helper for the Docker daemon that makes it…
The agent that runs on AWS EC2 container instances and starts containers on behalf of Amazon ECS
The Amazon ECS command line interface
An interface to send PartiQL statements to Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB)
Agent to enable remote management of your Amazon EC2 instance configuration
A set of ambisonics ladspa plugins
amberamberNix package
amberamberNix package
A code search-and-replace tool
Manage secret values in-repo via public key cryptography
GTK, gnome-shell and Xfce theme based on Ubuntu Ambiance
Multi-API shader test framework
A small and simple sound and music player
BLAS-compatible library optimized for AMD CPUs
LAPACK-compatible linear algebra library optimized for AMD CPUs
AMD Processor microcode patch
Create AMD firmware combination
AMD Open Source Driver For Vulkan
A static code analysis tool for Crystal
amforaamforaNix package
A fancy terminal browser for the Gemini protocol
A fancy terminal browser for the Gemini protocol
Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data/Structure Tracking
amiriNix package
A classical Arabic typeface in Naskh style
amkaNix package
A validator for greek social security number (AMKA)
Another main loop
ammoniteammoniteNix package
Improved Scala REPL
ammoniteammonite_2_12Nix package
Improved Scala REPL
Tool for analysing binaries
amoebaNix package
Fast-paced, polished OpenGL demonstration by Excess
amoeba-dataNix package
Fast-paced, polished OpenGL demonstration by Excess (data files)
Among us, but it's a text adventure
A modern text editor inspired by Vim
A CLI tool for publishing to and consuming from AMQP servers
AMR Narrow-Band Codec
AMR Wide-Band Codec
An LV2 port of the internal modules found in Alsa Modular Synth
Realtime modular synthesizer for ALSA
Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit for GTK applications
Intel AMT® SoL client + tools
Peer-to-peer client for the eD2K and Kademlia networks
Peer-to-peer client for the eD2K and Kademlia networks
Peer-to-peer client for the eD2K and Kademlia networks
Peer-to-peer client for the eD2K and Kademlia networks
amysqlNix package
Async MySQL Connector write in pure Nim
Powerful tool to generate web server statistics
analyticsNix package
Allows statistics to be sent to and recorded in Google Analytics
ananicy-cppNix package
Rewrite of ananicy in c++ for lower cpu and memory usage
Another auto nice daemon, with community rules support
ananoNix package
Another nanoID implementation for nim
Exhaustive exploration of Anarchist theory and practice
Android in a box
Unicode Plane 1 Osmanya script font
andikaNix package
A family designed especially for literacy use taking into account the needs of beginning readers
Tool and Python library to interact with Android Files
Utility to extract and repack Android backups created with adb backup
Reliable MTP client with minimalistic UI
The Official IDE for Android (stable channel)
Android SDK platform tools
Android udev rules list aimed to be the most comprehensive on the net
Physics/Gravity Platform game
UDP-based load generator
anewerNix package
Append lines from stdin to a file if they don't already exist in the file
angbandNix package
A single-player roguelike dungeon exploration game
Web browser for Plasma Mobile
Light-weight scripting library
angelscriptangelscript_2_22Nix package
Light-weight scripting library
Slice and dice logs on the command line
Program for analysing NGS data
A cli tool to browse and play anime
animatecssNix package
Easily use Animate.css classes
Create your own animation on paper and transparancy
animeNix package
The Nim wrapper for tracemoe
A simple but powerful anime downloader and streamer
Anka/Coder fonts
Anka/Coder Condensed font
ankiNix package
Spaced repetition flashcard program
anki-binNix package
Spaced repetition flashcard program
ankisyncdNix package
Self-hosted Anki sync server
Unicode-based font family with broad support for writing systems that use the Devanagari script
anonimongoNix package
Anonimongo - Another pure Nim Mongo driver
TrueType font set intended for source code
Quickly get ANSI escape sequences
Convert text with ANSI color codes to HTML
Radically simple IT automation
ansible-coreansible_2_12Nix package
Radically simple IT automation
Annotation based documentation for your Ansible roles
Best practice scanner for Ansible roles and playbooks
Best practices checker for Ansible
Tool to convert ANSI to other formats
ansiparseNix package
A package to read data and parse it into ANSI escape characters
ansitohtmlNix package
A library that converts a string with ANSI CSI SGR codes (colours and such) into a string with HTM…
ansiutilsNix package
Utilities for parsing CP437 and ANSI escape codes
ansiwaveNix package
ANSI art + MIDI music
A Java-based build tool
antapacheAnt_1_9Nix package
A Java-based build tool