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3muxNix package
Terminal multiplexer inspired by i3
Tiny free proxy server
A portable Forth compiler
A software package for algebraic, geometric and combinatorial problems on linear spaces
A suite of browser-based tools for players and DMs of D&D 5e
Tunnelling for application that don't speak IPv6
7kaaNix package
GPL release of the Seven Kingdoms with multiplayer (available only on x86 platforms)
Command line archiver utility
An open-source small 8086 emulator
A silly speed painting game
A tool to modify Intel 800/900 video BIOS
Simple X11 menu program for running commands
FUSE-based client of the 9P network filesystem protocol
The command line interface for Antora
Lint your commit messages
Develop Apps Script Projects locally
A discord puppeting bridge for matrix
A utility for applying code changes across many repositories
Toolbox for WebAssembly
WebAssembly REPL
Strips custom sections
Emit documentation/code for your WASM binary Edit
Daemon for exposing legacy ALSA sequencer applications in JACK MIDI system
a2psNix package
An Anything to PostScript converter and pretty-printer
ATSC A/52 stream decoder
aaaNix package
Terminal viewer for 3a format
ReplayGain for AAC files
ASCII art graphics library
Free and open source automatic photo adjusting software
Authoritative dns server for A/AAAA container records
Convert Audible's .aax filetype to MP3, FLAC, M4A, or OPUS
A retro arcade video game
A tool for squential logic synthesis and formal verification
Command-line audio CD ripper
A JVM-based Common Lisp implementation
A command line program which converts ABC to music sheet in PostScript or SVG format
Utilities for converting between abc and MIDI
abducoNix package
Allows programs to be run independently from its controlling terminal
Interactive theorem prover
A tool for checking backward API/ABI compatibility of a C/C++ library
Dump ABI of an ELF object containing DWARF debug info
Word processing program, similar to Microsoft Word
ABlog for blogging with Sphinx
Text-based addressbook program designed to use with mutt mail client
Manipulate Android Boot Images
aboutNix package
Executable for finding information about programs in PATH
abseil-cppabseil-cppNix package
An open-source collection of C++ code designed to augment the C++ standard library
abseil-cppabseil-cpp_202111Nix package
An open-source collection of C++ code designed to augment the C++ standard library
abseil-cppabseil-cpp_202206Nix package
An open-source collection of C++ code designed to augment the C++ standard library
Alpine Linux build tools
abuseNix package
Side-scroller action game that pits you against ruthless alien killers
An architecture-level energy/area estimator for accelerator designs
D-Bus interface for user account query and manipulation
acctNix package
GNU Accounting Utilities, login and process accounting utilities
Program for computing the AccurateRip checksum of singletrack WAV files
accuratesumsNix package
Accurate Floating Point Sums and Products
A command line interface and FUSE filesystem for Amazon Cloud Drive
ADAPTIVE Communication Environment
Solitaire games in X11
A toolkit for developing ACG signatures and lexicon
Library and tools for manipulating access control lists
An interpreter and a prover for a Lisp dialect
acl2acl2-minimalNix package
An interpreter and a prover for a Lisp dialect
Secure ACME/ Let's Encrypt client
A multi-platform cross assembler for 6502/6510/65816 CPUs
A pure Unix shell script implementing ACME client protocol
A simple application deployment framework for Kubernetes
A client to upload data to an AcousticBrainz server
Audio fingerprinting tool using chromaprint
Show battery status and other ACPI information
A daemon for delivering ACPI events to userspace programs
Walk through all ACPI tables with their addresses
acpilightNix package
ACPI backlight control
A small, convenient command-line ACPI client with a lot of features
Tool to quickly gather forensic artifacts from disk images or a live system
Pure shell autoconf replacement
A PC/SC driver for Linux/Mac OS X and it supports ACS CCID smart card readers
Run your GitHub Actions locally
Generate activity-diagram image from spec-text file (similar to Graphviz)
Static checker for GitHub Actions workflow files
The "Activate Windows" watermark ported to Linux
A keyboard shortcut daemon
An open source implementation of the actor model in C++
Utility to interact with a MicroPython board over a serial connection
Wallpaper collection for adapta-project
An adaptive GTK theme based on Material Design Guidelines
A port of the Adapta theme for Plasma
adbNix package
ADB protocol implementation in Nim
A tool to synchronise files between a PC and an Android devices using ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
Mount Android phones on Linux with adb, no root required
A helper library and tools for Active Directory client operations
A commandline access to addic7ed subtitles
Ensures source code files have copyright license headers by scanning directory patterns recursivel…
Adwaita-based GTK theme with design influence from elementary OS and Vertex GTK theme
Tool to find misconfiguration through LDAP
Network-wide ads & trackers blocking DNS server
adixNix package
An Adaptive Index Library for Nim